Living The Plant-Based Life ft. Sweet Earth Foods

Trying to live a life that has a healthy focus can really be hard for some of us. One of the most popular methods of healthy living is being plant-based or vegetarian. I've never pinned myself as either of these but I do enjoy the diversity that comes with having vegetarian meals from time to time.

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to live the plant-based life for the weekend with Sweet Earth Foods! The first meal we created was the "Mindful Chik'n" Fajitas. Man, when hubby and I tore into those fajitas, you could not convince me that I wasn't eating chicken! I was blown away. With 19 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber, you can't beat how healthy it is. Win!

The next meal was kinda impromptu. Hubby and I were up late late..1:00 a.m. late. We spent some time together and had a few drinks. Fego stumbled into the bedroom and said "I want a snack", left and came back with an entire 1 in the morning. Those are the memories that last forever and make a marriage so sweet. Anyway we tried the Italian pepperoni and it just set the entire pizza off!!

Overall, I would highly recommend Sweet Earth Foods if you are looking for a healthy alternative or a way to change up your food routine. You almost won't miss your regular protein!

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