First of All..I'm just glad to be back!

I grab my handmade cardigan (which I proudly made myself) and brew my Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee, put on my glasses, kiss my 3-month-old baby boy, and start writing. Man. I haven't actually taken the time to write anything in what feels like years, knowing it's only been months. Either way, I am so excited to be re-launching my blog, but before I get into why I'm back and what to expect, I want to share a quick testimony with you all!.

For the past, 2 months (really ever since Gabarel was born), I've really had a hard time finding passion in the things I used to. I can attribute postpartum to some of those feelings, but for a while, I've just been feeling lost. One day I was talking with my mother-in-law after having a very rough morning ( I talked about it on Instagram if you're a little curious) and she said, "Chrissy, you gotta get back to doing what YOU love." So outside of getting a new pair of skates (y'all pray for me), I decided to get back to writing. So, here's the best part. This weekend I decided to just sit and jot down all the things I wanted to accomplish with my passion for sharing my life and writing. Tell me why God blessed me with over 25 blog post titles and the entire 2021 is set and has content. Now If that I ain't God, I don't know what is. What I've learned in this season is that sometimes we make our own path hard by not opening our ears and our hearts to the voice of God. He always has the answers.

The scripture says, "God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts." ( Isa.55:8) A lot of times we forget that God has already ordained an abundant future for us, we just have to tap into it. Sometimes that requires peace, obedience, a listening ear, and an eager heart. He'll set the stage and we'll be amazed at His work. Of course, this doesn't mean that we stand back with folded arms, we have to roll up our sleeves and show God that we are committed to our destiny just like he is. With that, I ask you all to pray with me for consistency. It's honestly an area I struggle with but I do know that because God has made it so clear that I need to be writing in this season, I need to take it seriously so that can move forward in what God has for me and YOU as well!

Here's to new seasons!

So I am elated to share the type of content you can look forward to. Outside of sharing brands, businesses, and products I love, I will also be sharing mental wellness, faith, and lifestyle blogs. From the struggle of black mothers and daughters to sexy date night ideas with your hubby and quick busy mom recipes, I am so excited to spill the tea and share my heart with you all!! Be sure to subscribe to my reading list as I will have frequent special gifts and giveaways for my subscribers!

God Bless you all and I'll see you soon!

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Meet  Supa

Christian Sardis (SupaDupahChris) is a 30-something mother and wife.

Her goal is to help women live their most fulfilled and inspired life by having a relationship with Christ and live in the freedom of being their most creative selves.

Her online presence is geared toward the mindset of the millennial woman and encouragement for the mother and wife who needs to find balance in all things. Beauty, fashion, marriage and motherhood.